June 29, 2022


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SuperPole is coming to GT3 Endurance Championship

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What is SuperPole? How will it affect the outrun of the GT3 Endurance Championship qualification?

SuperPole is the EzFixUK-eSports GT3 Endurance Championship brand new qualification system. The new qualification system will go live at the 4th round of the championship at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca on 6th of January.


The new system purpose to bring more excitement and unpredictability into the qualification sessions. We, from EzFixUK-eSports, hope it will bring the expected effect.

The SuperPole outrun

The new system implementation brings longer qualification sessions because of this, the qualification will start at 19:00 GMT (instead of 19:20, like it was before).

Now let’s see what this new format contains and how it will affect the drivers and the whole championship.

Qualification for the SuperPole:

  • 19:00 GMT green light.
  • We assume we have 10 drivers in the lobbies.
  • You have 10 minutes to put your fastest lap together.
  • After 10 minutes the clock stops and the session finished. It doesn’t matter where you are on the track, you can’t finish your lap.
  • The first 5 fastest will qualify for the SuperPole and the last 5 drivers will line up on the grid as they finished in the Qualification for the SuperPole.


  • 19:15 GMT green light.
  • This is where the magic starts. The 5 fastest drivers from the previous session fight for the pole and for some extra points. Each driver has one chance to put together a perfect lap and to win the pole. Only the racing hard tyre compound is available.
  • The slowest driver out of the 5 fastest starts the session and no one else is allowed on the track.
  • The next driver on the list can start his out lap when the pervious driver crossed the finish line and finished his SuperPole lap.
    If you go out before and you hold up the driver who is on the SuperPole lap, you are disqualified from the session and you start the race from the last place.
  • After you finished your flying lap, please exit the track and stay in the pitlane.
  • The fastest out of 5 drivers takes the pole position and the 3 extra points. The second fastest will be richer with 2 points and the third fastest with 1 point.

More information and rules

Starting from the 4th round all the tyre compounds are available for the race. The 5 drivers who didn’t qualify for the SuperPole can choose freely on which tyre compound want to start the race. The SuperPole drivers have to start the race on the hard tyre and if you fail to do so, the consequence is a disqualification from the whole race.

For any questions about this new system please feel free to contact me in the Facebook Page‘s message section or in the Privat Facebook group.

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