May 25, 2022


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Porsche Supercup World Series 2020 ready to go

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Ladies and gentlemen fasten your seatbelt because the Porsche Supercup World Series is about to start.

The Supercup contains 10 iconic racing tracks which are familiar for all of you from F1, WEC, IndyCar, MotoGP and DTM. Starting with Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, on 4th of January 2020 the first round of the season and finishing on 7th of March 2020, on the Nurburgring GP. For the full track list head to Information and rules.

The drivers will fight for the title with a 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The car went through a little modification. The horse power was reduced to 481 from 500 and the weight of the car was dropped too with 225 kilograms, from 1475 to 1250.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Sixteen drivers (plus 4 back-up drivers), 10 tracks and only one champion. I am very excited to see who will be crowned as the first EzFixUK-eSports Porsche Supercup World Series champion. Yeah, I know quite a long name for a championship. How does EzFixUK-eSports Porsche SWS sound?

Let’s see those drivers and back-up drivers, who will fight for the crown during this season.

Porsche SWS driver list:

Bozó Patrik
Andre Zelle
Paul Verity
Lee Paget
José António Fernandes
Francisco Martin Monterde
Sebastien Serra
Ron Potters
Willem Janssen
Warren Devine
Tristen Potters
Tamás Györfi
Pawel Mikos
Krzysztof Przybyszewski
Dion Neeuwveld
Dannie De Ronde
Cericola Thomas – back-up driver
Wesley van Rens – back-up driver
Nicola Ongaro – back-up driver
Rui Matos – back-up driver

For more and detailed information and updates about the Porsche SWS visit our Facebook Page and join our private Facebook group.

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